Mk 1 updated burner

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Mk 1 updated burner

Postby theherbman on Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:43 pm

I changed the burner unit on my lpg BF Mk 1 as the old gas stat seized, on the old unit I had an el operated valve which fitted onto the main jet inlet pipe so that a time clock could be fitted but the pilot remain alight, It worked very well for around 40 yrs until the the stat failed. The new gas valve is a low fire type, i.e. wait 30 mins or so and turn up to normal fire, I know that fitting a time clock like this is not a normal thing to do but as I am not in England, the English regs do not apply. Does anyone know if there is a gas valve that can be fitted that will allow me to connect a time clock. Forget about the aims system. I can turn it all off and on by hand but then I have to wait for it to reach working temp.

Regards Mel
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Re: Mk 1 updated burner

Postby CastMonkey on Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:32 am

Instead of fitting a different gas valve why don't you fit an inline solenoid like on the AGA gas aims burners. This will be a normally open solenoid valve so as if any power cuts occur the AGA just runs normally. If you fit it on the outlet pipe from valve to main burner injector when your time clock powers up the pilot will stay lit but the main burner will cut out. AGA Part number for the solenoid is A5387
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