Baking in the Aga

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Baking in the Aga

Postby sarahw on Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:15 pm

Aga recipes often refer to hanging the tins from the runners at the sides of the ovens, instead of sitting them on a shelf.

If you are using a non-Aga tin, it is the top rim of your tin and not the base that needs to be at the specified height in the oven.

For example, if the recipe suggests using the small roasting tin hanging from the third runners in the baking oven to make chocolate brownies, your non-Aga tin probably needs to sit in a shelf that is on the fourth runners so that the top of your tin is at the height of the third runners in the oven.

Hot air rises and it is hotter higher up the oven, especially the baking oven.
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