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Aga/Rayburn/boiler servicing - all areas North Kent

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:20 pm
by azenga
If you would like your Aga or Rayburn or boiler serviced properly, please get in touch via: Home 01795 886153 Mob 07764 363079 (please feel free to text) or Email
I charge a fair price for a good sound job, and I don't mind taking on long term 'problems'.
There is always a reason for a poorly operating burner / flue system - having the patience and experience, helps locate and rectify the problem resulting in an efficient clean burning, smooth running appliance. Simple !
I have been in the heating & plumbing industry since the mid 80's and working on Aga's etc continuously since 1996.
Unfortunately I no longer install or refurbish cookers - I have the Aga Man's complaint (mind willing but back not happy). I can clear blocked oil supplies though.
More info at: