Yup - I started adjusting the teeny hi-fire screw....

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Yup - I started adjusting the teeny hi-fire screw....

Postby Forest Chick on Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:10 am

Hello - pleeeeaaase can someone help me. I have been defiantly fixing my Aga for past two weeks since a big sooted up, ran-out-of-oil-again-you-numpty disaster. (Not really sure why the sooting up was so spectacular as normally it just conks out when I run out of oil..) Anyhoo I've battled my way through a myriad of exciting problems to end up with a constant low blue flame, nice red shells and bit of steady blue above. But it was only get to about half way to the line. It sat steady for a week so I thought I must have unsettled the hi fire setting whilst I was opening the OCV for the other problems.
I have a very old GREY BM electric top with two screws at 10 o'clock. The RHS clearly restricts the total movement of the metal plate above the valve so I guessed high fire. Started eighth of a turn anti clockwise then another. Ended up with burner on fire. Tried it other way - burner on fire. At 2am I switched the electricity off and went to bed...
Woke up to slightly hotter low fire situation with some tiny yellow flames above burner :(
Any advice? I've got so close I can't bear to call someone in...
Forest Chick
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