Engineer Wanted in Bucks

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Engineer Wanted in Bucks

Postby PhilipH on Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:36 pm

Hi - I live in Buckland Common, Bucks HP23
I currently have a Rayburn Nouvelle which was originally solid fuel but has been converted to oil. I currently only use it for cooking. At one time it's boiler was connected to my heating system but it kept boiling over into the expansion tank, so I disconnected it.

I have recently bought a second hand Rayburn 480 and I'm looking for a Rayburn engineer to take out the Nouvelle and install the 480, are you interested?

There are some issues, I bought the 480 knowing the boiler leaks, I understand this is a common problem:

1. Can you repair the boiler?
2. Will the boiler have to be replaced?

3. If so, I live in a small cottage and the 480 will have too large a heating capacity for the cottage, in which case if it needs a new boiler could it be replaced with a boiler with a smaller capacity, say for a 440?
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