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Brian's Contribution

Brian Wright contacted us and made the following fab contributions:

As a lifelong Aga enthusiast (starting with my parents' Model E (I think) in about 1945), I thought you might like to add the attached advertisement to your on-line collection. It appeared in Punch on 22 April 1936 - the artist who drew the watercolour picture was my uncle, Lawrence Wright, who was quite well known in his lifetime as an architectural artist and author. Best wishes, Brian Wright.
0 In the early 1950s, my father, Maxwell Wright, went into business as an architectural and industrial model builder. As part of the "set-up" procedure, he made a small number of demonstration models to be shown to prospective clients. One of the models (which, incidentally, I have still in my possession) was a 1 1/2" = 1 foot scale model of an Aga model C cooker. I attach a contemporary photograph of the model, which you may also like to add to your archive! Best wishes, Brian Wright.

Thanks Brian. Click on the images to enlarge them.

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