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Mrs Nesbitt and her £500 Aga

aga Here's an interesting little saga by Mrs Nesbitt over at her Rambles blog. She starts of with some interesting Aga history and then get's to her own Aga which was bought second hand for £500, cracks and all.

"A farmer over in Catterick had a second hand aga business and so we purchased ours for £500. There were some faults with it, a major one being a crack in the main barrell, but Jon fixed this.

When we bought the Aga it did not come ready assembled. The pile of components, pipes and doors was like a complicated 3D jigsaw to me, but fortunately, Jon with his precision engineering background, and with the aid of a basic diagram assembled the Aga. The preparations were quite specific as it could not go on any old surface. It had to be housed on a concrete plinth and on a surface which would not burn, should hot coal fall onto it. Again, this was something Jon did, but we couldn't do anything yet as the whole assembly and plumbing had to be signed off by a corgi-registered plumber. Once this was done the Aga boiler and cooker were lit and it was in action!"

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