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Hubert's three lid Aga

Hubert from Holland sends through images of this amazing three lid Aga.

Not much is known about the history of the thing but Hubert suggests that a small number were made for the restaurant business, this example being one of them.

Along with the images came this link to another three lid aga.

Hubert is selling this example for 3500 euro's. Anyone interested should contact us and we'll send through his details.

I've opened a discussion topic on our forums here just in case any readers can fill us in on this type of Aga.

UPDATE: Aga man provides the following details via the forums: "Aga made in the '30's and '40's H and J series "heavy duty " cookers but the only one I ever saw(in bits) has square lids and although there were difference in the front plates they were not the same as this one. I have spoken to a Guy from Egypt and he say's his mother has one that is almost back to back in that there are ovens back and front with one fire box."

UPDATE 2: John provides the following link to Aga's site which provides more details on the aga and its ilk. Step through pages 1 and 2:

3 lid Aga3 lid Aga3 lid Aga3 lid Aga3 lid Aga3 lid Aga3 lid Aga

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