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Girl by the Aga - a blog by Laura James

LJThe delectable Laura James is the author behind Aga's new expedition into the world of blogging. Her blog, Girl by the Aga, makes an interesting addition to Aga's growing online offering.

Laura is well embedded in the Aga emporium so it's not surprising that she gets the inside track when it comes to announcing new initiatives such as this one which brings us the spanking new Aga Christmas web site:

"Whether you're looking for festive food ideas, fabulous gifts or tips and advice to get you through the holiday season, you'll find it here. Our resident Cookery Doctor is on hand to help with your culinary conundrums, there's a useful countdown checklist, a host of Christmas recipes and much more. We've put everything you need in one place to ensure a hassle free holiday. Quite frankly, we have Christmas all wrapped up…"

The cookery doctor mention above is none other than Richard Maggs, a familiar name to us over here at Aga Central.

We like Agas, we've got a soft spot for girls, what's not to like? Put the kettle on, pull up a comfy chair and have a read of Girl by the Aga.

We'll be adding her to our list of official Aga resources.

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